Elateridae of the British Isles

Ampedus nigrinus (Herbst, 1784)

Size – 6-8.5mm.

Description – One of the smaller species in this genus. Unicolourous black apart from lighter brown colour of the tarsi. Longitudinal rows of pits are visible down the elytra, with scattered pits obvious on the pronotum. The antennae are long, extending a way beyond the posterior edge of the pronotum.

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Ampedus nigrinus across Britain and Ireland.

British and Irish distribution of Ampedus nigrinus (Herbst, 1784) based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.

Distribution data supplied by:

  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Natural England
  • Highland Biological Recording Group
  • National Trust for Scotland (staff)
  • North East Scotland Biological Records Centre

Distribution – Uncommon in Britain with most records from central Scotland. Isolated records from North and East Yorkshire, Cumbria, west and south Wales and Buckinghamshire.

Biology – The larvae occur predominantly in the rotten heartwood of Pines (Pinus spp.) and Birch (Betula spp.), but may utilise other species. Pupation occurs in the autumn, with the insect eclosing and overwintering as an imago within the pupa.

Habitat -  Caledonian pine forest and probably conifer plantations or mixed woodland in other areas.