Elateridae of the British Isles

Ampedus pomonae (Stephens, 1830)

Size – 8-11mm.

Description – Black head and pronotum, with red elytra showing rows of longitudinal pits. The legs are black with lighter brown towards the apices of the tarsi. The antennae are black and extend to the posterior edge of the pronotum.

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Ampedus pomonae across Britain and Ireland.

British and Irish distribution of Ampedus pomonae (Stephens, 1830) based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.

Distribution data supplied by:

  • Dorset Environmental Records Centre
  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Natural England
  • Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

Distribution – Very uncommon, with isolated populations around the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border and on the south coast in Hampshire and Dorset. Scattered historical records from west and south Wales.

Biology – Little information available, but the species has been reported as developing in the rotten heartwood of Birch (Betula spp.). The insect pupates and ecloses in the autumn and the imago overwinters within the pupal case.

Habitat – Peatlands.

Photo by K.V. Makarov courtesy of www.zin.ru/Animalia/Coleoptera

Photo by K.V. Makarov courtesy of www.zin.ru/Animalia/Coleoptera