Elateridae of the British Isles

Aplotarsus angustulus (Kiesenwetter, 1858)

Size – 6-8mm.

Description – A rather uniformly coloured species, appearing black with a dense covering of brown hairs. The pronotum is quite elongated. Ridges are distinct running down the elytra. The femora are unicolourous with the rest of the insect with lighter brown tibia and tarsii. The antennae are slightly longer than the head and pronotum.

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Aplotarsus angustulus across Britain and Ireland.

British and Irish distribution of Aplotarsus angustulus (Kiesenwetter, 1858) based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.

Distribution data supplied by:

  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Natural England

Distribution – Known only from a handful of localities in south Wales and Somerset.

Biology – Imagos emerge in mid-May to early July in mountainous regions of continental Europe between 800-1200m. Can beĀ found on various species of grasses and lower branches of trees in sunny, calm weather.

Habitat – Mountains.