Elateridae of the British Isles

Cardiophorus vestigialis Erichson, 1840

Size – 7-9mm.

Description – Unicolourous black over the head, pronotum and elytra, often with a shiny appearence. Strong longitudinal rows are visible down the length of the elytra. The legs are yellow or red, darkening to brown on the tarsi. The antennae are black and long, extending a way beyond the posterior edge of the pronotum.

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Cardiophorus vestigialis across Britain and Ireland.

British and Irish distribution of Cardiophorus vestigialis Erichson, 1840 based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.

Distribution data supplied by:

  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Natural England

Distribution – A handful of records from Devon, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and Lundy.