Elateridae of the British Isles

Lacon querceus (Herbst, 1784)

Size – 9-12mm

Description - A noticeably hairy species with dark brown/black pronotum and elytra and a patterning of cream/yellow hairs on the head, down each side of the pronotum, at the front of the elytra and a band running across the eytra near the tips. The legs are a lighter brown colour and the antennae are shorter than the length of the pronotum. 

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Lacon querceus across Britain and Ireland.

British and Irish distribution of Lacon querceus (Herbst, 1784) based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.

Distribution data supplied by:

  • Natural England

Distribution – The sole locality of this species in the UK is Windsor Forest, with only historical records from Stevens, (1830) and rediscovered by Allen, (1936). There is a sporadic distribution throughout central Europe.

Biology – Breeds in dead standing or fallen trunks and branches of Oak (Quercus rober), but not in stumps. The larvae are thought to be predatory, feeding predominantly on the larvae of Mycetophagus piceus (Coleoptera: Mycetophagidae). Pupation occurs at the end of the summer and the adult hibernates within the puparium. Imago insects are nocturnal.

Habitat – Ancient broad-leaved woodland, associated with dead, rotting Oak.